Desert Wind


M. Stanley Bubien

A Young Adult Novel about SuSaan, a Kwaaymii Indian (Native American).
A novel seeking publication.


It had been a year since her mother's death,
and still SuSaan didn't know the truth.

What is the truth? Come, find out as SuSaan must either stand or fall to the power that truth has over her life. Given a vision, SuSaan struggles to rescue a neighboring village from a mysterious group of attackers. On her quest, she learns that these very same raiders killed her mother just one year ago.

The events surrounding Desert Wind come from the actual oral traditions and histories passed down through generations to the Kwaaymii of today. The story takes place in the Laguna Mountains and Anza Borrego Desert of Southern California, approximately 400 to 495 years ago.

Please see the synopsis for further detail.

Desert Wind is approximately 50,000 words in length.


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Kwaaymii Culture. A few insights into the life of the Kwaaymii people.

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